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Kadri said the Varsity MLA needs to have a more visible presence on campus and that she could likely make two trips to the U of C every academic year. A huge focus on mental health. And another thing I really want to focus on, it may not be in the provincial purview, [is] student housing. She rejoined. The riding opened nominations on Friday, Feb.

FFWD horoscopes (Libra, Scorpio) | Serena's Illustration Blog

Five Days for the Homeless cochair Rachel Petit said this is the third year the campaign has been active at the U of C. The group usually gets five participants per year, including Petit. All they have is a sleeping bag and a pillow. They have to rely on food given to them on campus. The meeting comes amid rumours of cuts to post-secondary funding and the removal of the inflation-tied tuition cap.

In an interview Feb. It will have impacts on every single person. Under current regulations in the Post-Secondary Learning Act, universities can only raise tuition at the rate of inflation, which was 2. Student leaders are concerned the government may remove the cap to help universities raise money once funding is cut. You have to look at the budget as a whole and where the various pieces are coming from. But he said post-secondary has already weathered the burden of budget cuts. It would be a huge mistake to stop investing in postsecondary.

Cannon said she. Henry said the U of C has a severe shortage of spaces for students that will worsen if the government cuts spending. We have to really understand our financial picture. Would you like to receive funding? The Committee of 10, collects a small levy from the 27, undergraduate students of the University of Calgary to give to charitable causes throughout the city of Calgary.

The intention of the committee is to build relations with the community outside of the university. All applicants must be registered non-profit or charitable organizations.

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Application deadline: Mar. For an application go to www. The posters first appeared on campuses in the United States to protest pro-Palestine student groups. One of the images appear to depict fighters from the Palestinian organization Hamas with a prisoner on their knees ready to be executed. The hashtag jewhaters is on the bottom of some of the posters. This would be a direct violations of the rules. Professors in the linguistics department are putting together a proposal and the minor may be available for the —17 academic year. Arabic courses were introduced in the fall of after a successful student-lobbying effort that included a petition and a Quality Money grant.

She cites high demand as the reason a minor is in development. The program has been popular with students and more courses have been added to meet high demand.

Monster high secret creepers dogo

By the fall of , the U of C will offer 13 Arabic language and Muslim cultures courses. Kadri is optimistic that the proposal for a minor will be successful. He was appointed an officer of the Order of Canada in Aboriginal rights activist Autumn Eaglespeaker will also speak alongside associate professor of business David Lertzman who will discuss the conflict between resource extraction and human rights.

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She hopes the conference enables them to branch out and learn from experts. The conference begins at 5 p. To shit we shall return. The Gauntlet elected a new editor-in-chief and news editor Wednesday night. And by elected, we mean we approved two unopposed candidates we fiercely disliked before they bribed us with loose cigarettes and toothbrushshivs so we could slash our way out of this prison. Jacobson was rip-roaring drunk for her platform pitch, during which she mocked and taunted young volunteers in the crowd.

You like to play? Huh, playboy? She then lit a cigarette and shook her head in twisted, private laughter. She fell asleep with the cigarette burning in her mouth.


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Several Gauntlet volunteers picked her up and carried her to the couch as she cursed under her breath. In the days following her speech,. What are these two schlubs doing with our old jobs? Incoming news editor Fabian Mayer has been a fixture at the Gauntlet for years. He walked into the office on. What have you plebs ever done?

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The only advice outgoing news editor Chris Adams gave him was to make sure he knows that a sleeve of Molson and a boot of Jack are your only friends in a world full of phonies. Adams understands that. At least they have girlfriends. The program is designed to teach participants how to identify and safely intervene in cases of bullying, hazing and violence. Members of the Dinos varsity athletics teams will be among the first to receive the training.

Orientation leaders and campus peer helpers will be trained in the fall. Martin said the new initiative is unlike anything other universities have implemented. The program is separate from the bystander intervention training the Calgary Sexual Health Centre provides to staff at the Den. The centre started training Den staff in bystander intervention tactics last semester.

This is far more comprehensive than what other institutions are doing. He expects the new program will be effective as well. The mental-health focused initiative will also fund alternative Bermuda Shorts Day events, a new provincial mental-health coordinator position and StrengthsFinder skills assessment for students. Students voted for 18 faculty representatives and five executives to fill the council.

Thousands of students have run in SU elections over the years.

Ffwd Calgary Horoscopes

One of the most bizarre SU elections took place in when all four vicepresident positions were acclaimed. Eighteen candidates then vied for the position in a by-election held on Bermuda Shorts Day. Unofficial election results will be announced in the Den Thursday March 5 at p.

Gauntlet File Photo. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the federal government plans to eliminate the possibility of parole for criminals serving life sentences for certain crimes.

Friday, 1 March 1996

Criminals convicted of first-degree. The hike comes as provincial budget. Post-secondary students around Alberta could face similar hikes to tuition and fees if the government significantly cuts funding to universities and colleges. New study declares average penis size A British study on penis length published this week will send men around the world reaching for their rulers.

Researchers found that the average. Penis length is an area of concern for many men who fear their member may be inadequate. Several events around the city will mark the occasion celebrating the achievements women have made, as well as highlighting issues women still face. A public celebration featuring guest speakers and performances is scheduled for a.